Zone Canto

Instead of a Theory – Zone Canto

The zone evades definition. It evolves and decays, grows and goes away, contracts and expands. Just like what it encloses and soaks up, loses its contours the zone itself does not have any contours, it does not show any clear-cut borders:

It is an amorphous complex phenomenon, a mutation, a delay.

Simultaneous and in parallel. Mapped to the human mind and the perception of the world. Monitoring the split and the bridge between dream, fiction and reality.

Points of intersection to the grey zone can be found everywhere. There is a heightened concentration in living rooms, computer rooms, dentist’s waiting rooms, just where people are bored, in pubs, in offices, clubs, it can be but need not be anywhere where people unwittingly play a role without being the role. Sometimes it just pops out of the ground without any justification. Say it and it will be there.

Depending on the point of view the zone shows itself with spatial, territorial or temporal properties. It is not possible to simultaneously determine all properties. By regarding the spaces of the zone the temporal conditions evade, in observing its time the impending evaporation of space becomes apparent. In crossing its territory absence becomes present and the implacability of empty time is reminded.

In the grey zone you move and at the same time you do not move. You live and you live not. And again and again you are faced with imported moods. A question of existence when the construction of sense secretly breaks apart.

The grey zone is no aggressive threat, the grey zone is the zone in-between, creeping up in times of doubt. Melancholy, apathy, despair mark those who encounter this zone. It is the zone of callousness that is not perceived as such. Time is reigned by emotional torpor.

Transcription of the Zone Canto (long wave), 2001