Zonographic Mutterings

Zonographic Mutterings

1. Experiment in Counting/ Protocol of a Zonographische Sitzung

What, what what? What is this ….- thing? This what what what?
It is a society. Obviously.
Obviously. Never just one. Because.
Because obviously just one is never enough.
Or may be, even just dangerous. One. The one and only. One.
The single truth. The single voice. The single strike of omnipotence.
Monolithic rubbish.

Ok. So it is a society. Then. Virtual, of course and secret. Sure, as it has to be.
So a society. Some say that a society starts at two.
Two. Oh, well. Two. The pair. The basic unit. Two. The prerequisite for dialogue.

I don’t think that two is enough to make for a society. You need at least three.
Number three, just to cause trouble, to at least question the perfect symmetry of two.
Oh, well. Triangulation.
So you see, it is getting more complicated. Meet two of the same kind and you can draw
some conclusions – infer, deduce, as you like. Meet three, it is even better. But anyway why
not four.
Ah nay, four is not a good number. It is half of eight and that is half of infinity. And infinity
is the end of the beginning, or well, may be the beginning of the end.
Oh no! That IS rubbish again.
Rubbish is most important. Great for recycling. Raw material for contemporary practice.
Ah no, but this is REALLY beside the point. So, well, let’s take five.
What does it matter anyhow. I have lost count already. The number is absolutely not important.

Here we are already: The Cheshire Cat, the ghost of Ludwig (one way or the other), Yoda
(of intergalactic fame – again obviously), Mouse, Nora, Nick and Henry (also refer to
“Sitting on the Fence”), Selma the terror kid
and well, Yuki, our external delegate. There we go –
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.