Weltherrschaft durch Warten!
(Aiming for World Domination by Waiting!)

THE MOUSE (Postcard, A6: Invitation for Wait & Seek)

THE MOUSE (Postcard, A6: Invitation for Wait & Seek)

MOUSE or THE MOUSE is a member of the Zonographic Society. Mouse is a conformist, a capitalist and a terrorist (or so it says). Mouse is a TV creature. She lives in and from the box and was initially created for zonographic TV programming. However, the mouse has made its living mostly as part of the zonographic salon. Mouse has also applied itself to living room investigations and other subliminal transition research. Mouse – being a mouse – works both as an avatar and a test object/subject (guinea pig/ lab rat).

Essentially Mouse is the protagonist of mediocrity. Mouse does not have star status (and qualities) such as Mickey Mouse and it is not as nice, relaxed and curious as for example the mouse of “Sendung mit der Maus” (A German TV programme for children). Rather the mouse is a grey mouse, at some point showing potential for glamour, for terror, for power. Ultimately though, things being as they are, mouse is the melancholic normal case. Mouse is the mediocre which would like to go beyond the average but in the end is entrapped by mediocrity. Despite of this or because of this mouse has imperialist tendencies (see mouse’ motto). In her most active days the mouse was following the strategy of infiltration (quite a mousey thing to do). In those days Mouse tried “to get in” (whereever) by whatever means. However, hardly anyone noticed – since mouse tried to be both simultaniously – the stop-gap and the gap (or the intermission filler and the intermission). You see, mouse is not the brightest fellow you have ever met.


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