The Mem-or-y Game

The Mem-or-y Game (2008)
Zonographic Merchandise

Set of 24 x 2 cards (5,5 cm x 5,5 cm)

This game is multifunctional…

The Zonographic Society‘s action archive/ inventory was used to create a couple items that are easy to replicate and in theory also easy to mass produce. They can be referred to as Zonographic Merchandise. The items in the inventory mostly refer to actions that play some function in a research process: e. g. reading, communication, recording, searching, projection, processing, writing, archiving, etc.

1) A game was produced that in appearance resembles a child‘s game that is called „Memory“ in Germany (similar photo products under the name of remembory, etc are also available). The rules of the game are similar. Alternatively the cards can be used when wondering what to do next. The item on the card would indicate the next action.