Wait and Seek Visitors’ View

The Mission:

On the last evening of Wait and Seek an Agent Event/ Finissage was held.
People were asked to take 12 Photos of the set/ stage of anything they deemed worthwhile. They were informed that these photos were used for Zonographic purposes.

The images submitted showed commonalities and differences (of course). Four categories of recording tendencies were found:
– Friends of Abstraction
– Friends of Object Based Investigation
– Friends of Scenarios
– Mixed Types


The entirety of the image material was presented in two forms:


Agent Views on Wait and Seek Arranged as Map, Wall Installation at General Public

Agent Views on Wait and Seek Arranged as Map

Legend: Image Islands per Agent

Wait and Seek – The Visitor’s View
15 x 20 cm, 100 pages, colour


Ideal Presentation:
rotating slideshows on photoframes