The Grand Escape

The Grand Escape of Mouse (2008)
(A real story)

Wanted (Poster, A2)

Wanted (Poster, A2)

The Mouse Research Lab during Materialisation 2.1.0 (Wait & Seek) had an unexpected finding. – Or to be precise, two unexpected findings.

1. The Mouse escaped while at the same time continuing to be the zonographic research pet.
2. The Mouse has a name. He is called Marcel.

So how do we know that it is called Marcel?
It is all thanks to the visitors. One day during the materialisation the kids from the neighbourhood came by and asked:
“Where is Marcel?”
“Who is Marcel?” we asked.
“The one on the poster, of course. He said we should meet him after work.”
It was five minutes before closing time.
“Hm.. he is still working,” I said pointing to the monitors. The kids didn’t look very convinced. After skimming through the rest of the room they left, still looking for Marcel. Well, where is Marcel?

Conclusion: The Zonographic Society has to accept now that the Mouse has a name apparently and that it has gone independent and mastered the art of being present and not present at the same time.