About us

The Zonographic Society is a self-proclaimed, independent, intergalactic research society of ambivalent status. It is found somewhere between art, science and the everyday life. The Society’s fundamental purpose is to explore underdetermined states, investigate unpopular sentiments (such as boredom, doubt and passivity) as well as the boundaries of fiction, dream and reality. Of particular relevance in this endeavor is the research of fugitive entities, may it be concepts, emotions or other matter and non-matter.

The Zonographic Society can be characterized by its self-declared association with the words: Discourse, Casualness, Investigation, Contradiction, Doubt, Delight and Communication
The Society is committed to the pursuit of gaining (and sharing) some understanding of the mysterious ways of human kind. Zonographers have a tendency to loiter in cafes or in imaginary salons – drinking tea or similar and discussing invisible entities. They also might be exploring unknown (and known) territories ever in the pursuit of underdetermined states.

Principles: The Zonographic Society in all vagueness firmly believes in the following concepts:

  • Equality (of speech)
  • Freedom (of expression)
  • The open society
  • Human kind
  • Idealism
  • Joy

History: Founded some random day in 1984, closed down a not so random day in 2001, going into underground, officially reopened 29th February 2004.

Meeting places: Often somewhere in outer-space, sometimes right here and now.

General state: De-localised but grounded (or vice versa?)
Regular Members (more or less illustrious): The Cheshire Cat, Nicolas (Nick) Garland, Jungesblut, Yuki, L – the grumpy ghost of Ludwig (some indeterminate ghost from the past) – you choose – W. or B., the obnoxious Mouse, Henry Selwyn, Selma, Nora Wells and Yoda

Free floating members: Agent A, Agent M, further members are to be determined, membership is always welcome.

Zonographic Trivia: Patron Saint of the Zonographic Society is Hermes (and the chameleon (apparently one of his animal followers in recent times).

The Zonographic Society facilitates interaction and communication among zonographers, artists and scientist via its discussion meetings and disseminates preliminary insights in its journals (albeit sporadically).

From a different perspective one could claim that the Zonographic Society as an entity is a means to pursue the spirit of discovery in disenchanted times. It also can be seen as a playful attempt to reinvent, investigate or revisit the dream of science as a quest for knowledge and understanding that may have been held by some gentlemen (and ladies) in the 19th and 20th century – quite a conservative if idealistic, humanist and democratic endeavour.

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