Interview with a Hasty Bystander

Interview with a Hasty Bystander (2004)

Hasty Bystander (HB): So now, just quickly tell me what is this “Zonographic Society”?

Zonographic Delegate (ZD) (presumably the Cheshire Cat)(recites):
The Zonographic Society is a virtual aggregation with a secretive streak. Nevertheless, adhering to the principles of discourse, contradiction and playfulness the Zonographic Society embarks on its adventures with due scientific rigour. (Sure enough). At present the Zonographic Society is devoted to researching two phenomena that prove particularly evasive to clear description – the Zone and … Boredom,…
(mumbling): Research, search, in transposition, in oblivion, a memory of something fugitive…

HB: Zone? Zone? What is the Zone?

ZD: Well, this is what is being investigated, it is – and how could it not be – an ongoing process, a never-ending approximation. You see, a strange thing, indeed. As the Zone Canto goes (mumbles again):

Simultaneous and in parallel. Mapped to the human mind and the perception of the world. Monitoring the split and the bridge between dream, fiction and reality. …
The zone evades definition. It evolves and decays, grows and goes away, contracts and expands. Just like what it encloses and soaks up, loses its contours the zone itself does not have any contours, it does not show any clear-cut borders: It is an amorphous complex phenomenon, a mutation, a delay, an in-between, a …
Well, sometimes it’s just there, wherever, whenever, you know what I mean … (grins)

HB (scratches head): I guess… Just like boredom? I am never bored!

ZD (slightly ponderous): Ah well, who is? We keep ourselves busy don’t we?… well, boredom is a tricky one… the ugly twin of fascination… and somehow… you see… it has to do with time… and time really is a concept that everyone considers some time or the other, don’t you think?
Time time time time. Ta ta tatime.

(chanting this the Zonographic Delegate falls asleep – as does the hasty onlooker)


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